Seth I Rosenthal

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Introduction: The PTEN gene, a candidate tumor suppressor, is localized to chromosome 10q23 and shares extensive homology with cytoskeletal proteins auxilin and tensin. A high frequency of mutations at the PTEN locus has been described in a variety of neoplasms including breast cancer. However, the role of PTEN alternations and its association with outcome(More)
Topoisomerase IIα (topo IIα) plays a key role in DNA replication and is a target for multiple chemotherapeutic agents. In breast cancer, topo II expression has been linked to cell proliferation and HER2/neu protein overexpression. However, its relationship with outcome variables is not well established.Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded primary breast(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal expression of the HER-2/neu oncogene, a tyrosine kinase-type transmembrane growth factor receptor localized to chromosome 17q, has been associated with poor prognosis and the prediction of therapy response in invasive breast cancer. The comparative incidence and significance of HER-2/neu gene amplification for lobular and ductal breast(More)
We present a case of an otherwise healthy 81-year-old gentleman with multiple asymptomatic, erythematous, indurated papules and plaques, ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.5 cm, involving the dorsal, lateral, and palmar surfaces of the fingers bilaterally. A clinical suspicion of erythema elevatum diutinum (EED) led to initial treatment with topical dapsone 5%(More)
Pleomorphic liposarcoma (PLPS) is a rare, high-grade sarcoma defined by the presence of pleomorphic lipoblasts. Constituting 5% of all liposarcomas, PLPS usually arises in deep soft tissues of the extremities, with rare occurrences in the dermis and subcutis. We describe a unique case of an 85-year-old Caucasian gentleman with a 1 year history of a(More)
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