Seth Fischer

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The international debt crisis arose from imprudent borrowing, imprudent lending, and major shocks to the world economy from 1980 to 1982. The initial impulse in 1982 was to treat the debt problem as one of illiquidity and thus provide further lending while the debtor countries tried to adjust to the shock. This strategy produced massive recessions in the(More)
Despite high expectations for how new networked information technologies (NNITs) could influence democratic outcomes, few studies have provided clear evidence that NNITs have changed political discourse or election outcomes. With this in mind, this paper examines how young, politically indifferent, Korean NNIT users involved themselves in mainstream Korean(More)
SYLLABUS This is the second half of the course whose first half has been taught by Fernando A. Broner. We economists traditionally divide the general field of International Economics into two subfields: International Finance and International Trade. In this course we begin by ignoring this division. We will start by studying models from International Trade(More)
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