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Explicitly examining the values held by a research community provides a tool in which participants can define its culture, conduct informed research, and reflect on their design process. We conducted a content analysis of the values expressed in the full text of IDC papers between 2002 and 2010, as well as a survey of the first authors of these papers. We(More)
Current technological solutions that enable content creation and sharing during group discussion meetings are often cumbersome to use, and are commonly abandoned for traditional paper-based tools, which provide flexibility in supporting a wide range of working styles and task activities that may occur in a given meeting. Paper-based tools, however, have(More)
We present the design, and evaluation of WaaZam, a video mediated communication system designed to support creative play in customized environments. Users can interact together in virtual environments composed of digital assets layered in 3D space. The goal of the project is to support creative play and increase social engagement during video sessions of(More)
Children engage in free play for emotional, physical and social development; researchers have explored supporting free play between physically remote playmates using videoconferencing tools. We show that the configuration of the video conferencing setup affects play. Specifically, we show that a shared visual scene configuration promotes fundamentally(More)
The operative results of 63 cases of lumbar disc disease with surgically confirmed conjoined nerve roots are reviewed. The first 55 patients were treated by standard hemilaminectomy and discectomy, with only 30% reporting a good result. Of the last eight patients treated by hemilaminectomy, pediculectomy, and discectomy, seven patients returned to work. Te(More)
This is a study of the long range effects of pain suppression obtained by electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves. These cases were followed during 12--46 months and evaluated personally and by questionnaires. Selection for surgery was done exclusively on the basis of the results of a preoperative peripheral nerve stimulation test. Of 37 cases(More)
Nineteen psychiatric patients undergoing bilateral cryogenic cingulate cortex lesions were extensively evaluated pre- and postoperatively with objective measures of intelligence, higher cortical functions, memory, and emotional status. Following surgery the patients as a group revealed no significant deterioration of functions; rather, they demonstrated(More)