Seth Davidovits

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Classical density functional theory (DFT) of fluids is a valuable tool to analyze inhomogeneous fluids. However, few numerical solution algorithms for three-dimensional systems exist. Here we present an efficient numerical scheme for fluids of charged, hard spheres that uses O(N log N) operations and O(N) memory, where N is the number of grid points. This(More)
Compression of turbulent plasma can amplify the turbulent kinetic energy, if the compression is fast compared to the viscous dissipation time of the turbulent eddies. A sudden viscous dissipation mechanism is demonstrated, whereby this amplified turbulent kinetic energy is rapidly converted into thermal energy, suggesting a new paradigm for fast ignition(More)
Turbulent plasma flow, amplified by rapid three-dimensional compression, can be suddenly dissipated under continuing compression. This effect relies on the sensitivity of the plasma viscosity to the temperature, μ∼T^{5/2}. The plasma viscosity is also sensitive to the plasma ionization state. We show that the sudden dissipation phenomenon may be prevented(More)
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