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Incoherent averaging of measurements made at different look directions can be used to reduce speckle noise in medical ultrasound images. An analytic expression for the correlation between two measurements made at different spatial positions is derived. Using this expression, the optimum aperture displacement for efficient incoherent averaging (i.e.(More)
A microscopic scattering model is developed to expedite simulation studies of ultrasound imaging in soft tissue using multichannel transducer probes. The model fully accounts for the physics of broadband signals, propagating wave packets, and time delay focusing. Analytical results are presented for 2-D transducer arrays; 1-D results can be trivially(More)
A 22-year-old black male presented with progressive dyspnea, a nonproductive cough, and new skin lesions. He was severely hypoxic, and had a severe restrictive defect on pulmonary function testing. A 2-cm lytic defect was noted on skull radiographs. A lung biopsy demonstrated pulmonary fibrosis. A biopsy of a skin lesion was consistent with a diagnosis of(More)