Seth D. König

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BACKGROUND Eye tracking is an important component of many human and non-human primate behavioral experiments. As behavioral paradigms have become more complex, including unconstrained viewing of natural images, eye movements measured in these paradigms have become more variable and complex as well. Accordingly, the common practice of using acceleration,(More)
Grid cells have been identified in the entorhinal cortex in a variety of species and allow for the precise decoding of 15 position in space (1–7). Along with potentially playing an important role in navigation, grid cells have recently been hypothesized to make a general contribution to mental operations, including remembering the past and thinking about(More)
There is a growing interest in studying biological systems in natural settings, in which experimental stimuli are less artificial and behavior is less controlled. In primate vision research, free viewing of complex images has elucidated novel neural responses, and free viewing in humans has helped discover attentional and behavioral impairments in patients(More)
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