Seth A Binfield

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The reaction of silver platings to atmospheric sulfur has been documented for several decades, but the fundamentals as to its initiation are still poorly understood. This is aggravated by the general inconsistency observed when exposing silver platings to accelerated test conditions and the relatively long incubation period before issues are observed (12 to(More)
Four-coordinate dichlorocopper(II) complexes derived from di(2-pyridyl)methanes or pyridine itself exhibit high catalytic activity in aziridination of regular olefins with PhINTs in weakly coordinating chloroform in the presence of 1-2 equiv of NaBArF4 (BArF4- = tetra[3,5-di(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate). High yields of aziridines exceeding 90% can be(More)
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