Seth A Bellister

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We report a paracrine effect whereby endothelial cells (ECs) promote the cancer stem cell (CSC) phenotype of human colorectal cancer (CRC) cells. We showed that, without direct cell-cell contact, ECs secrete factors that promoted the CSC phenotype in CRC cells via Notch activation. In human CRC specimens, CD133 and Notch intracellular domain-positive CRC(More)
Background:Isolation of colorectal cancer (CRC) cell populations enriched for cancer stem cells (CSCs) may facilitate target identification. There is no consensus regarding the best methods for isolating CRC stem cells (CRC-SCs). We determined the suitability of various cellular models and various stem cell markers for the isolation of(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to detect cell-surface vimentin (CSV) on the surface of epithelial-mesenchymal transitioned (EMT) circulating tumor cells (CTC) from blood of patients with epithelial cancers. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN In this study, 101 patients undergoing postsurgery adjuvant chemotherapy for metastatic colon cancer were recruited. EMT CTCs were(More)
LGR4 is an R-spondin receptor with strong positive effect on Wnt signaling. It plays a critical role in development as its ablation in the mouse led to total embryonic/neonatal lethality with profound defects in multiple organs. Haplotype insufficiency of LGR4 in human was associated with several diseases, including increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) inhibits ischemia reperfusion (IR) -induced neutrophil adhesion to endothelium through an unknown mechanism. This study evaluates the effect of HBO on IR-stimulated neutrophil adhesion and polarization of expressed CD18 adhesion molecules using a novel in vitro adhesion assay and confocal microscopy. MATERIALS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Research in biliary atresia has been hindered by lack of a suitable animal model. Lampreys are primitive vertebrates with distinct larval and adult life cycle stages. During metamorphosis the biliary system of the larval lamprey disappears. Lamprey metamorphosis has been proposed as a model for biliary atresia. We have begun to explore cellular(More)
UNLABELLED A large number of pseudogenes have been found to be transcribed in human cancers. However, only a few pseudogenes are functionally characterized. Here, we identified a transcribed pseudogene of VEGFR1, or fms-related tyrosine kinase 1 (FLT1), in human colorectal cancer cells. Interestingly, this pseudogene (designated as FLT1P1) was found to be(More)
Despite being among the most common oncogenes in human cancer, to date, there are no effective clinical options for inhibiting KRAS activity. We investigated whether systemically delivered KRAS siRNAs have therapeutic potential in KRAS-mutated cancer models. We identified KRAS siRNA sequences with notable potency in knocking down KRAS expression. Using lung(More)
Combination chemotherapy is standard for metastatic colorectal cancer; however, nearly all patients develop drug resistance. Understanding the mechanisms that lead to resistance to individual chemotherapeutic agents may enable identification of novel targets and more effective therapy. Irinotecan is commonly used in first- and second-line therapy for(More)
Management of chest trauma is integral to patient outcomes owing to the vital structures held within the thoracic cavity. Understanding traumatic chest injuries and appropriate management plays a pivotal role in the overall well-being of both blunt and penetrating trauma patients. Whether the injury includes rib fractures, associated pulmonary injuries, or(More)