SeshanRandy H. Katz

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Data on handedness and cognitive performance in an adolescent sample of same-sex twins were collected, and questions about incidence of left-handedness in twins and the relation between handedness and cognitive performance were considered. Same-sex twins have been found to have a higher incidence of left-handedness than that usually reported in the general(More)
The diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (DISC-2.3) was studied in a sample of 265 adolescent inpatients to determine type and concurrent validity of depressive symptoms and depressive disorder diagnoses for different DISC-2.3 informants (parent, adolescent, both). The Children's Depression Rating Scale--Revised, Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale(More)
In 1989, the RAID group at U. C. Berkeley built a prototype disk array called RAID-I. The bandwidth achieved by RAID-I was severely limited by the memory system bandwidth limitations of the disk array's host workstation. As a result, most of the bandwidth available from the disks could not be delivered to clients of the disk array le server. We designed our(More)
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