Seshadri S. Ramkumar

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Being a potential risk to the environment, a fate study of carbon nanotube (CNT) in the environment is urgently needed. A study of CNT impacts on the bioavailability of other conventional contaminants in a terrestrial system is particularly rare. This study explored PAH leaching behaviors in the presence of CNTs with column leaching tests. Four PAHs(More)
Since the recent Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the need for environmentally friendly oil sorbents has intensified. This study deals with the sorption of crude oil by raw cotton, a biodegradable sorbent. To our best knowledge, the data related to crude oil sorption by unprocessed raw cotton and correlation with cotton characteristics such as(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoglycemia secondary to ectopic insulin secretion of non-pancreatic tumors is rare. CASE PRESENTATION We describe a middle aged woman with recurrent hypoglycemia. On evaluation, she was detected to have hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia and right sided renal mass lesion. 68Ga-Dotanoc and 99mTc-HYNICTOC scans confirmed the intrarenal mass to be of(More)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) which used to be a disease of adults is now seen commonly at an early age in children and adolescents. T2DM is now an important diagnostic consideration in children who present with signs and symptoms of diabetes. The emerging epidemic of obesity in children throughout the world and the resultant insulin resistance(More)
Hyperandrogenism is a common disorder among women in the reproductive age group. One of the rare causes for androgen excess is sex cord- stromal tumors of the ovary. These are usually unilateral. Here we report case of a 48 year old woman who presented with hyperandrogenism due to bilateral ovarian thecoma. Androgen levels normalized following resection of(More)
The Institute of Environmental and Human Health, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409-1163, Forensic Science Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, PO Box 808, L-091, Livermore, California 94550, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, 200 South Commerce Drive, Waco, Texas 76710, and Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, U.S. Army Research, Development and(More)
Results 13 year old presented with osmotic symptoms for 3 weeks duration. There was no change in weight. She had a strong family history of DM in mother and grandmother. On examination, general examination was unremarkable with no acanthosis nigricans, skin tags, or visceral obesity. Her vitals were normal. Her BMI was 23.42 kg/m. Her initial blood glucose(More)
Results 6 year old girl presented with vaginal bleeding for last 1 1⁄2 years. The initial episode lasted 3 days. The vaginal bleeding then continued every month lasting 3-4 days for next 9months. She also had inter-menstrual bleeding for last 6 months. Parents also noticed breast development (initially left followed by right a month later) for the past 6(More)
Results Case 1 3 years old girl presented with progressive bilateral breast enlargement over 1 year, irregular vaginal bleeding for 10 months and pubic hair development for 2 months. Her past history was unremarkable. Her general examination and vitals were normal. Tanners staging was B3P3. There was no axillary hair or genital ambiguity. Cardiac, thoracic(More)
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