Sesha Srinivasan

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Conventional techniques for the computation of optical flow from image gradients are used to formulate the problem as a nonlinear optimization that comprises a gradient constraint term and a field smoothness factor. The results of these techniques are often erroneous, highly sensitive to noise and numerical precision, determined sparsely, and(More)
NaAlH4 samples with Ti additives (TiCl3, TiF3, and Ti(OBu)4) have been investigated by synchrotron X-ray diffraction in order to unveil the nature of Ti. No crystalline Ti-containing phases were observed after ball milling of NaAlH4 with the additives, neither as a solid solution in NaAlH4 nor as secondary phases. However, after cycling, a high-angle(More)
We report for the first time the reversible hydrogen storage behavior at room temperature in polyaniline nanofibers. The rate of hydrogen sorption during the initial run was very rapid and an extended plateau pressure of about 30 bars was obtained from the pressure-composition isotherm profiles of these polyaniline nanofibers. The reversible cycling(More)
An optical cell is described for high-throughput backscattering Raman spectroscopic measurements of hydrogen storage materials at pressures up to 10 MPa and temperatures up to 823 K. High throughput is obtained by employing a 60 mm diameter × 9 mm thick sapphire window, with a corresponding 50 mm diameter unobstructed optical aperture. To reproducibly seal(More)
We report the first measurements of elastic modulus and energy dissipation in Ti-doped and undoped sodium aluminum hydride. It is shown that the chemical reactions that occur by varying the sample temperatures or by aging most sensitively affect the elastic constants, such that the modulus variations allow the time and temperature evolution of decomposition(More)
With the support from the Sigma Pi Sigma and SPS-AIP Undergraduate research award, the current project is successfully implemented and executed to develop both novel materials' and the home-made reactor for the decontamination of water based organics such as Methyl Orange via visible light photocatalysis. For the novel materials', we have successfully(More)
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