Sertan Erkanli

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This paper proposes a novel wavelet based nonlinear image enhancement algorithm, including dynamic range compression, contrast enhancement and color restoration, for recorded images in non-uniform and uniform-dark lightning conditions. Dynamic range compression (DRC) has been applied by nonlinear function for enhancing dark and reducing the intensity of(More)
This paper proposes a novel image fusion method that uses continuous Genetic Algorithm (CGA). Image fusion provides a single output image from a set of input images, captured from different viewing conditions, by different sensors, and at different times. Image fusion can be divided into three processing levels: pixel, feature and decision. Genetic(More)
Recently, considerable research has been done to reduce the gap between direct observation of a scene and its recorded image. Typically the differences exist because of the high dynamic range compression capability of the human visual systems, and its capacity for color constancy. In this paper we define a new method that provides dynamic range compression,(More)
Recently, we proposed an enhancement technique for uniformly and non-uniformly illuminated dark images that provides high color accuracy and better balance between the luminance and the contrast in images to improve the visual representations of digital images. In this paper we define an improved version of the proposed algorithm to enhance aerial images in(More)
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