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Migraine has been associated with specific vestibular disorders, including benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood and benign recurrent vertigo in adults. Migraine may also play a role in chronic nonspecific vestibulopathy. Because scant data exist that describe the clinical findings and vestibular function abnormalities in suspected migraine-related(More)
Objective--The purpose of this study was to review the English language literature concerning the effect of tumor size on hearing outcome and facial function after the middle fossa approach for acoustic neuroma in a large patient population. Material and Methods--The literature search identified a total of 11 studies reporting hearing outcome and facial(More)
PURPOSE Congenital anomaly of the carotid artery is a rare abnormality. It is usually discovered incidentally by color Doppler carotid sonography, angiography, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head and neck taken for some other reason. Most patients are not symptomatic because of sufficient cerebral circulation supplied(More)
The primary goals of preoperative embolization of glomus tumors are to reduce the blood loss in the surgical field, minimize the risk of operative complications, and prevent recurrence by contributing to complete resection. Obliteration of a vascular channel may provide additional help in symptomatic relief by decreasing the tumor volume. Selective(More)
A certain number of patients with elongated styloid process may not have the classic cervicofacial complaints which were originally described by W. Eagle in 1937. Some of those cases who have radiologic evidence of elongated styloid process are symptom free and can be accepted as normal anatomical variants. On the other hand, some of those symptomatic cases(More)
Sphenochoanal polyp is a rare entity originating from sphenoid sinus. It may be confused with antrochoanal polyp on anterior rhinoscopy because of its similar appearance. Computerized tomography and nasal endoscopy have contributed to an increase of accuracy in the diagnosis of these masses. Simple polypectomy that leaves some part of the polyp inside the(More)
Antrochoanal polyps are rare lesions. Several surgical techniques have been reported to provide complete cure of the disease. However, inadequate treatment may result in a high rate of recurrences. The aetiological as well as predisposing factors are not well understood. We present a literature review and discuss the clinical, pathological and histological(More)
OBJECTIVE The object of this study was to compare the expression of epidermal growth factor, interleukin-1alpha, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in chronic otitis media with or without cholesteatoma. BACKGROUND It has been reported that cytokines and epidermal growth factor are effective in the bone resorption process in chronic otitis media. Bone(More)
The current treatment method for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea is surgical repair of the fistula. The aim of this study was to analyse different surgical approaches used for the treatment of CSF rhinorrhea regarding several preoperative and postoperative variables to determine the optimal method in these patients. Patients' charts were(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the development of temporal bone in normal and atretic ears and to assess some radiological landmarks that could be important in the hearing restoration interventions in such patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-five patients with 40 atretic external ears were evaluated with temporal bone CT and compared to a control group of 40(More)