Serpil Pehlivan

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In this short note, we state that one side of implication of the statistical monotone convergence theorem given in [S. Aytar, S. Pehlivan, Statistically monotonic and statistically bounded sequences of fuzzy numbers, Informat. Sci. 176 (2006) 734–744] is incorrect and elaborate on this shortcoming.
In this note we introduce the concept of a lacunary statistical cluster ( l.s.c.) point and prove some of its properties in finite dimensional Banach spaces. We develop the method suggested by S. Pehlivan and M.A. Mamedov [20] where it was proved that under some conditions optimal paths have the same unique stationary limit point and stationary cluster(More)
In this paper we develop a method suggested by Pehlivan and Mamedov [29]. We study some problems concerning the set of λ-statistical cluster points (briefly, λ-s.c. points) in finite-dimensional Banach spaces. We also give some results related to the set of λ-statistical cluster points Γx. AMS Subject Classifications: 40A05, 46A45.