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Birds of a feather flock together: STM and DFT studies provide the first example of spontaneous chiral resolution of a helicene on a surface. Racemic 6,13-dicyano[7]helicene forms fully segregated domains of pure enantiomers (2D conglomerate) on Cu(111). The propensity of the system to optimize intermolecular CN⋅⋅⋅HC(Ar) hydrogen bonding and CN⋅⋅⋅CN dipolar(More)
Like pearls on a string, molecular building blocks have been preorganized and then interlinked on a surface (see STM images). In this way both the supramolecular self-assembly of the reactants as well as the subsequent thermal activation to release the protecting group are controlled.
Chiral recognition as well as chirality transfer in supramolecular self-assembly and on-surface coordination is studied for the enantiopure 6,13-dicyano[7]helicene building block. It is remarkable that, with this helical molecule, both H-bonded chains and metal-coordinated chains can be formed on the same substrate, thereby allowing for a direct comparison(More)
Introduction: The etiological and pathogenic factors responsible for coronary artery ectasia (CAE) are unclear. Therefore, we aimed to compare subjects with and without CAE with respect to resistin levels and determine whether resistin plays a role in the aetiology or pathogenesis of CAE. Patients and Methods: This study enrolled a total of 81 subjects, of(More)
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