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An efficient and a practical genetic algorithm tool was developed and applied successfully to Burnable Poisons (BPs) placement optimization problem in the reference Three Mile Island-1 (TMI-1) core. Core BP optimization problem means developing a BP loading map for a given core loading configuration that minimizes the total Gadolinium (Gd) amount in the(More)
Fast food sector is growing due to changing lifestyles. This model is very popular in all over the world and it comes with the idea to evaluate certain health aspects in terms of employee health and safety which became more of an issue recently. Nutritional habits, physical activity levels and possible genetic changes related to nutrition among the(More)
Because the cases of post-traumatic cerebral infarction in children are uncommon, little research has been done on this subject. The case of a 14-month-old child who had ce-rebral infarction after mild head injury is discussed. He fell from a height of approximately 70 cm 12 hours before. He did not use his left arm after the injury. His parents took him to(More)
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