Serkan Yilmaz

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Headache represents up to 4% of all emergency department (ED) visits. Emergency physicians generally are concerned with identifying those patients whose headaches are caused by life-threatening conditions. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis may be difficult to diagnose clinically because of its various and nonspecific manifestations. The most frequent but(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have demonstrated that ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) is a useful marker for the diagnosis of ischemic events. This study aimed to determine the value of ischemia-modified plasma albumin in the early diagnosis of acute mesenteric ischemia in an experimental model. METHODS The study was performed on 32 Wistar albino rats(More)
BACKGROUND Measuring and monitoring end-tidal carbon dioxide (PETCO2) is an important aspect of caring for critically ill patients. The 2 methods used for PETCO2 measurement are the mainstream and sidestream methods. OBJECTIVE To assess the agreement between PETCO2 measurements performed by mainstream and sidestream methods with the PaCO2 values. (More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVE. Anxiety is an important cause of acute blood pressure (BP) elevation. However, the role of anxiolysis in this situation is still controversial. In this study, the relationship of anxiety with BP and the effect of anxiolytic treatment on BP were investigated. METHODS. Emergency department (ED) patients with an initial systolic BP (SBP)(More)
OBJECTIVES In 2009, the Ministry of Health in Turkey mandated a three-level emergency triage scale coded with the colours red, yellow and green in descending order of acuity. This study was conducted to assess the reliability and validity of this mandatory emergency triage instrument in Turkey. METHODS This prospective study was conducted in the ED of an(More)
BACKGROUND Dietary and lifestyle changes during Ramadan may affect the appearance rate of emergency health problems or increase emergency department (ED) use. OBJECTIVE This study's aim was to investigate Ramadan's effects on ED use. METHODS The study group consisted of patients admitted to the ED during Ramadan, and the control group consisted of(More)
Fast food sector is growing due to changing lifestyles. This model is very popular in all over the world and it comes with the idea to evaluate certain health aspects in terms of employee health and safety which became more of an issue recently. Nutritional habits, physical activity levels and possible genetic changes related to nutrition among the(More)
An efficient and a practical genetic algorithm tool was developed and applied successfully to Burnable Poisons (BPs) placement optimization problem in the reference Three Mile Island-1 (TMI-1) core. Core BP optimization problem means developing a BP loading map for a given core loading configuration that minimizes the total Gadolinium (Gd) amount in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the impact of accompanying medical illnesses on the cause, course, mortality and morbidity of a geriatric trauma population. METHODS This prospective and observational study was carried out in a university hospital that is a level 1 trauma center between January 2002 and January 2003 with a total of 55 patient aged over 65 years.(More)