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Since capturing three color channels (red, green, and blue) per pixel increases the cost of digital cameras, most digital cameras capture only one color channel per pixel using a single image sensor. The images pass through a color filter array before being captured by the image sensor. Demosaicing is the process of reconstructing the missing color channels(More)
Increasing number of social media content shared across the globe in real time creates a fascinating area of research. For most events, social media users act as collective sensors by sharing important information about events of any scale. Due to its real time nature, social media is much quicker to respond to such events relative to conventional news(More)
A demosaicing algorithm is just a digital image process used to reconstruct full color image from the incomplete color samples output from a picture sensor overlaid with a color filter array (CFA). It is also known as CFA interpolation or color reconstruction. Most contemporary digital camera models acquire images using a single image sensor overlaid with a(More)
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