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In this study, a fuzzy logic model for predicting compressive strength of concretes containing silica fume (SF) (0, 5, 10%) has been developed using non-destructive testing results [ultrasonic pulse velocity (km/s) and Schmidt hardness (R)]. Experimental results of non-destructive tests and the amount of the SF were used to construct the model. Result have(More)
Concrete is the safest and sustainable construction material which is most widely used in the world as it provides superior fire resistance, gains strength over time and gives an extremely long service life. Its annual consumption is estimated between 21 and 31 billion tones. Designing a concrete mix involves the process of selecting suitable ingredients of(More)
It is known that results of scientific research are reported using P-value in general. However, the conventional use of P values P <0.01, P < 0.05 or P > 0.05 after statistical analysis may misleads the readers. When two studies reach the same conclusion P>0.05, but with different P values, reliability of these two studies cannot be the same though the(More)
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