Serkan Hosten

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The set of all group relaxations of an integer program contains certain special members called Gomory relaxations. A family of integer programs with a fixed coefficient matrix and cost vector but varying right hand sides is a Gomory family if every program in the family can be solved by one of its Gomory relax-ations. In this paper, we characterize Gomory(More)
Given a model in algebraic statistics and data, the likelihood function is a rational function on a projective variety. Algebraic algorithms are presented for computing all critical points of this function, with the aim of identifying the local maxima in the probability simplex. Applications include models specified by rank conditions on matrices and the(More)
We show that the complexity of the Markov bases of multidimensional tables stabilizes eventually if a single table dimension is allowed to vary. In particular, if this table dimension is beyond a computable bound, the Markov bases consist of elements of Markov bases of smaller tables. We give an explicit formula for this bound in terms of Graver bases. We(More)
The convex hull of the roots of a classical root lattice is called a root polytope. We determine explicit unimodular triangulations of the boundaries of the root polytopes associated to the root lattices An, Cn and Dn, and compute their f-and h-vectors. This leads us to recover formulae for the growth series of these root lattices, which were first(More)