Serkan Demiriz

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Abstract The sequence spaces c0 , c and `∞ have been recently introduced and studied by Mursaleen and Noman [On the spaces of λ− convergent and bounded sequences, Thai J. Math. 8(2)(2010),311-329]. The main purpose of the present paper is to extend the results of Mursaleen and Noman to the paranormed case and is to work the spaces c0(u, p), c(u, p) and(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 2. ap Δ Difference Sequence Space In the present section, we introduce the difference sequence space ap Δ and emphasize its some properties. Although the difference sequence space λ Δ corresponding to the space λ was defined by Kızmaz 10 as follows: λ Δ {x xk ∈ ω : xk − xk 1 ∈ λ}, 2.1 the difference sequence space corresponding to the(More)
1. Preliminaries, background and notation By ω, we shall denote the space of all real valued sequences. Any vector subspace of ω is called as a sequence space. We shall write l∞, c and c0 for the spaces of all bounded, convergent and null sequences, respectively. Also by bs, cs, l1 and lp, we denote the spaces of all bounded, convergent, absolutely and(More)
We study Falkner-Skan boundary layer wedge flow problem of an incompressible viscous fluid and develop an iterative scheme, the generalized approximation method (GAM), to obtain a solution to the problem. By using similarity transformation, the nonlinear partial differential equation for the velocity field is transformed to a third order nonlinear ordinary(More)
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