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This paper presents a neighbor-search technique to be used in a GPU-based particle simulation framework. Neighbor searching is usually the most computationally expensive step in particle simulations. The usual approach is to subdivide the simulation space to speed up neighbor search. Here, we present a grid-based neighbor-search technique designed to work(More)
Surface effects play an essential role in fluid simulations. A vast number of dynamics including wetting of surfaces, cleansing, and foam dynamics are based on surface-surface and surface-bulk interactions, which in turn rely on a robust surface computation. In this paper we introduce a conservative Lagrangian formulation of surface effects based upon(More)
We propose a method of fluid simulation where boundary conditions are designed in such a way that fluid flow through porous media, pipes, and chokes can be realistically simulated. Such flows are known to be low Reynolds number incompressible flows and occur in many real life situations. To obtain a high quality fluid surface, we include a scalar value in(More)
Multi- and hyperspectral imaging and data analysis has been investigated in the last decades in the context of various fields of application like remote sensing or microscopic spectroscopy. However, recent developments in sensor technology and a growing number of application areas require a more generic view on data analysis, that clearly expands the(More)
We present a particle-based method to simulate and visualize the interaction of knitwear with fluids. The knitwear is modeled using spring-mass systems and the fluid is modeled using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method. Two-way coupling is achieved by considering surface tension, capillary, and interparticle forces between the fluid and knitwear. The(More)
Raman spectroscopy is used to identify unknown constituent minerals and their abundances since Raman spectra convey characteristic information about the sample's chemical structure. We present a novel method to identify constituting pure minerals in a mixture by comparing the measured Raman spectra with a reference database. Our method comprises of two(More)
PARTICLE BASED MODELING AND SIMULATION OF NATURAL PHENOMENA Serkan Bayraktar PhD in Computer Engineering Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Bülent Özgüç and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uǧur Güdükbay August, 2010 This thesis is about modeling and simulation of fluids and cloth-like deformable objects by the physically-based simulation paradigm. Simulated objects are modeled with(More)
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