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Immunoglobulin secretion is modulated by competition between the use of a weak promoter-proximal poly(A) site and a nonconsensus splice site in the final secretory-specific exon of the heavy chain pre-mRNA. The RNA polymerase II transcription elongation factor ELL2, which is induced in plasma cells, enhanced both polyadenylation and exon skipping with the(More)
The hnRNPs (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins) F and H2 share a similar protein structure. Both have been implicated as regulating polyadenylation, but hnRNP H2 had a positive effect, whereas hnRNP F acted negatively. We therefore carried out side-by-side comparisons of their RNA-binding and in vivo actions. The binding of the CstF2 (64 kDa cleavage(More)
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