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The shared genetic basis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance use disorders (SUDs) was explored by investigating the association of candidate risk factors in neurotransmitter genes with both disorders. One hundred seven methadone maintenance treatment patients, 36 having an ADHD diagnosis, 176 adult patients with ADHD without(More)
Network Intrusions are critical issues in computer and network systems. Several intrusion detection approaches be present to resolve these severe problems but the major problem is performance. To increase performance, it is significant to increase the detection rates and reduce false alarm rates in the area of intrusion detection. The recent approaches use(More)
Rapid urbanization, improved quality of life, and diversified lifestyle options have collectively led to an escalation in housing demand in our cities, where residential areas, as the largest portion of urban land use type, play a critical role in the formation of sustainable cities. To date there has been limited research to ascertain residential(More)
— Despite the recreational parks in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), many students are still facing difficulties in accessing these recreational parks within the campus because their locations and distances are not favorable for the students to access them from their on campus residential areas. Moreover, despite the enactment of the Malaysian(More)
Training is regarded as one of the key factors in reducing employee turnover in organizations. Studies have shown that employee engagement has a significant effect on turnover rate. The findings from previous studies are integrated in a framework that conceptually links training and employee engagement for better understanding of the interrelationships(More)
enhanced Fenton process in degradation of combined chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin and chlorothalonil pesticides was examined. The effect of various operating conditions of the process on biodegradability improvement and mineralization of the pesticides were also evaluated. The optimum operating conditions for treatment of aqueous solution containing 100, 50 and(More)