Serhat Imamoglu

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AIM To determine if therapeutic management programmes for type 2 diabetes that include self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) result in greater reductions in glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) compared with programmes without SMBG in non-insulin requiring patients. METHODS Multicentre, randomized, parallel-group trial. A total of 610 patients were randomized(More)
We aimed to describe congenital keratoglobus with blue sclera in two siblings with overlapping Marshall/Stickler phenotype. Two sisters (ages four and six) with bilateral high astigmatism were evaluated by slit-lamp microscopy. Corneal topography and pachymetry maps were also obtained. Slit-lamp examination revealed that both corneas were globular in shape(More)
Central retinal artery occlusion(CRAO) is a rare complication after periocular steroid injection.In this paper we aim to present developing of CRAO after second time subtenon triamci-nolone injection and its manegement with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the seventy six years old woman with an idiopathic intermediate uveitis(Pars planitis). artery occlusion,(More)
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