Serguey Parkhomovsky

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Bio-logic-al: an autonomous, integrated "sense-act-treat" system that is based on an enzymatic biofuel cell has been developed. The system couples a biocomputing logic-detection method with a drug-release system to provide a logic-activated therapeutic intervention in response to a simulated abnormal physiological state, without the need for an external(More)
The realization of epidermal chemical sensing requires a fabrication methodology compatible with the non-planarity and irregularities of the human anatomy. This communication describes the development of printed temporary transfer tattoo (T3) electrochemical sensors for physiological and security monitoring of chemical constituents leading to the(More)
This article describes a new alternative approach to the fabrication of printed electrochemical sensors and biosensors based on the transfer of electrode patterns comprising common conductive and insulating inks from elastomeric stamps to a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates. This simple, low cost, yet robust methodology is demonstrated to be(More)
BACKGROUND Posttraumatic growth is the positive change resulting from traumatic experiences and is typically assessed with retrospective measures like the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI). The PTGI was designed to include reference to a specific traumatic event, making it difficult to implement, without change, in prospective survey studies. Thus, a(More)
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