Serguei Plekhanov

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Implementation of Sliding-Mode-Observer-based feedback control is treated as a multi-rate digital signal processing problem. The oversampled delta-sigma modulation techniques is used to design a decimation filter that integrates high-frequency switching output of the sliding mode observer into the feedback control, which operates at much lower predetermined(More)
A novel HeartPatch direct cardiac compression (DCC) device has been shown to effectively restore circulatory parameters in sheep with acute heart failure (HF). Its effect on the coronary circulation and myocardial perfusion, however, remains uncertain. The effect of DCC assist on coronary artery blood flow (CABF) and its patterns in acute HF sheep were(More)
The enabling methods for advanced interceptors to achieve the hit-to-kill accuracy against targets performing evasive maneuvers including spiraling motion are developed on the basis of one unified theory for the purpose of design and analysis, viz. a contemporary nonlinear robust control theory such as the sliding mode control. The integration of guidance(More)
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