Serguei P. Golovan

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Several methods have been developed for suppression of endogenous spermatogenesis in recipient males before spermatogonial stem cells transfer. Currently the chemical treatment with alkylating agent busulfan is the method of choice in mammals. Still, in different mammalian species wide variability in optimal doses of busulfan has been demonstrated, whereas(More)
The genomic structure and generational stability of the transgene carried by the Cassie (CA) line of the transgenic Enviropig™, a prospective food animal, are reported here. This transgene is composed of the Escherichia coli phytase coding sequence regulated by the mouse parotid secretory protein promoter to direct secretion of phytase in the saliva. In the(More)
Sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT) might become the most efficient and cost effective technique to generate transgenic animals, which will significantly increase their application in biomedical research and in commercial production. Despite some successes, the technique has remained controversial for almost 20 years and despite number of studies the(More)
A novel information-theoretical systems approach for the comparative analysis of multivariable organismal level data is proposed. The system structure is hierarchical, represented as multiple levels of granulation. It is used to model biological transgenic modifications measured on an organism. Experimental evaluation showed the approach being successful in(More)
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