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This article examines the process of creating information measurement systems for experimental control systems of gas environment parameters and corrosive damage of fuel element shells. Information measurement systems are presented with a description of the device and operation of the electronics, as well as a description of the principle of operation of(More)
T2K reports its first measurements of the parameters governing the disappearance of ν[over ¯]_{μ} in an off-axis beam due to flavor change induced by neutrino oscillations. The quasimonochromatic ν[over ¯]_{μ} beam, produced with a peak energy of 0.6 GeV at J-PARC, is observed at the far detector Super-Kamiokande, 295 km away, where the ν[over ¯]_{μ}(More)
The T2K off-axis near detector ND280 is used to make the first differential cross-section measurements of electron neutrino charged current interactions at energies ∼1  GeV as a function of electron momentum, electron scattering angle, and four-momentum transfer of the interaction. The total flux-averaged ν(e) charged current cross section on carbon is(More)
This article examines the development process of a mock-up of an experimental system for control of gas environment parameters in fuel elements during their production. A theoretical basis is proposed for the use of the resonant control method, as well as results of numerical calculations. A description of the mock-up for an experimental control system is(More)
The T2K off-axis near detector, ND280, is used to make the first differential cross section measurements of muon neutrino charged current single positive pion production on a water target at energies ∼0.8 GeV. The differential measurements are presented as a function of the muon and 3 pion kinematics, in the restricted phase-space defined by p π + > 200(More)