Serguei G. Maximov

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This paper presents a new and rigorous analytical calculation of electromagnetic field and eddy current losses in the zones of transformer tanks where bushings are mounted. This is done by solving Maxwell's equations in the regions surrounding bushings, with the corresponding boundary conditions and considering linear permeability. Then, by solving the(More)
This paper analyzes the bibliography on Wireless Power Transfer research covering the period of 2001-2013 using two databases (Web of Science and Scopus). We will report some differences found in the databases used in this research. Due to the large number of publications in peer review journals, conferences and symposia contributions were not included.(More)
A new method of calculating parameters of electric arc model of SF6 power circuit breaker is proposed. The methodology consists in the optimization of a theoretical function with respect to a group of parameters of model in order to achieve a better approximation to a set of experimental data. The theoretical function is an asymptotic solution for the(More)
Successful analytical formulas have been previously proposed to calculate the losses in tank regions of transformers assuming linear permeabilities in the analyzed boundary-valued problem. This has resulted in easy-to-implement and low-cost computational design procedures from a transformer factory economical point of view. However, designers and analysts(More)
A rigorous analytical development is presented to find a formula that provides the temperature distribution in the tank zones close to bushings of distribution transformers. The new formula can be fed with a loss distribution obtained either analytically or numerically. This fact is shown using two proven loss distributions, combined with our new formula,(More)
The diffusion and distribution coefficients are important parameters in the design of barrier systems used in radioactive repositories. These coefficients can be determined using a two-reservoir configuration, where a saturated porous medium is allocated between two reservoirs filled by stagnant water. One of the reservoirs contains a high concentration of(More)
A formula that calculates the distribution temperature in the transformer tank zones close to bushings is deduced. The new formula can use analytically or numerically obtained loss distributions. The comparison of the analytically calculated temperature distribution, using proven loss distributions, with finite element simulations, that use a(More)
This paper presents an analysis and computation of stray losses in the tank cover of a 75 MVA three-phase core-type transformer. Stray losses in the region surrounding high current bushings are estimated using 3D Finite Element (FE) simulations. In the considered region the stray losses are high and its reduction is important to avoid the presence of hot(More)
A new formula is developed for the surface impedance of a nonlinear magnetic conductive semi-infinite slab. The impedance expression allows for proper incorporation of the nonlinear characteristic of the magnetic material, also using an analytical expression. Thus, the usual step representation of the <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$B$(More)
In this work, a computer model for calculating surge distribution in power transformer windings is presented. The model is based on multiconductor transmission line theory, considering each disk coil as the basic element for the analysis. The electric parameters R, L, C and G are calculated by using conventional formulations. The electrical parameters are(More)