Sergiy Z Malynych

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A reversible locking mechanism is established for the generation of anisotropic nanostructures by a magnetic field pulse in liquid matrices by balancing the thermal energy, short-range attractive and long-range repulsive forces, and dipole-dipole interactions using a specially tailored polymer shell of nanoparticles. The locking mechanism is used to(More)
In this paper, the physical conditions within the inhomogeneous solar atmosphere have been reconstructed by means of solving the inverse problem of Non Local Thermo-dynamic Equilibrium (NLTE) radiative transfer. The profiles of λ = 523.42 nm FeI spectral line of high spatial and time resolution were used as observational data. The velocity field has been(More)
Extinction spectra of 2D arrays of silver nanoparticles self-assembled on 5-20-nm-thick vacuum-deposited silver films exhibit extremely narrow plasmon mode in the blue spectral region, whereas the same particles self-assembled on thin films of Au, Cu, Cr and Ti damp the plasmon resonance. The observed narrowing was attributed to the plasmon coupling between(More)
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