Sergiy M. Korogod

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Altered function of Na+ channels is responsible for increased hyperexcitability of primary afferent neurons that may underlie pathological pain states. Recent evidence suggests that the Nav1.9 subunit is implicated in inflammatory but not acute pain. However, the contribution of Nav1.9 channels to the cellular events underlying nociceptor hyperexcitability(More)
Voltage-gated sodium (Nav) channels play a central role in gastrointestinal physiology because they transmit depolarizing impulses in enteric neurons, thereby enabling the coordination of intestinal motility. However, little is known about the ion channel machinery that specifies firing pattern of enteric neurons. Here, we used in situ patch-clamp recording(More)
Enteric neurons located in the gastro-intestinal tract are of particular importance to control digestive functions such as motility and secretion. In our recent publication, we showed that mouse myenteric neurons exhibit 2 types of tetrodotoxin-resistant Na(+) currents: a fast inactivating Na(+) current produced by Nav1.5 channels, present in nearly all(More)
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