Sergiy Krylov

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This paper analyzes different approaches to portfolio selection when the requirement to portfolio performance is formulated relative to a given benchmark. For example, it may be desirable to track a market index as closely as possible. We develop several portfolio selection algorithms based on different perceptions of risk and different risk/ target(More)
Atomic-scale friction, as accessed in tip-based experiments, is investigated theoretically in the full range of surface corrugations, temperatures, and velocities. Emphasis is given to the regime of thermal drift, when the regular stick-slip behavior is completely ruined by thermal effects. The possibility of nearly vanishing friction ("thermolubricity") is(More)
We analyze an advanced two-spring model with an ultralow effective tip mass to predict nontrivial and physically rich "fine structure" in the atomic stick-slip motion in friction force microscopy (FFM) experiments. We demonstrate that this fine structure is present in recent, puzzling experiments. This shows that the tip apex can be completely or partially(More)
Atomic force microscopy provides direct atomic-scale access to friction. In this paper, unexpected and potentially dramatic consequences of the tip elasticity are discussed. Under certain natural conditions an essentially new, nontrivial regime can be entered. Although the tip appears to perform typical stick-slip motion, the tip-surface contact is fully(More)
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