Sergiy Kaim

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The theory of stretching and compression of short light pulses by chirped volume Bragg gratings (CBGs) is reviewed based on spectral decomposition of short pulses and on wavelength-dependent coupled wave equations. Analytic theory of diffraction efficiency of CBG with constant chirp and approximate theory time-delay dispersion is presented. Comparison of(More)
Recording of volume Bragg gratings (VBGs) in photo-thermo-refractive glass is limited to a maximum refractive index change about 0.002. We discuss various saturation curves and their influence on the amplitudes of recorded gratings. Special attention is given to multiplexed VBGs aimed at recording several gratings in the same volume. The best shape of the(More)
We present a theoretical study of various definitions of laser beam width in a given cross section. Quality of the beam is characterized by dimensionless beam propagation products (BPPs) Δx·Δθ(x)/λ, which are different for the 21 definitions presented, but are close to 1. Six particular beams are studied in detail. In the process, we had to review the(More)
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