Sergiy F. Lyagushyn

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Modern electromagnetic theory based on quantum conceptions supposes turn to averages of operator dynamic variables for describing the field state and analyzing experimental results with computational methods. Theoretical analysis of such non-equilibrium phenomenon as Dicke superfluorescence leads to an algebra of variables which are necessary for building a(More)
The paper presents mathematical apparatus allowing to calculate the correlation properties of electromagnetic field generated by the Dicke system of two-level emitters. Evolution equations are constructed on the basis of Bogolyubov reduced description method for the system macrostate depicted with energy density of emitters and field amplitudes and binary(More)
The process of self-organization in a system of excited emitters studied by Dicke can be the basis of coherent emission generation without stimulated emission phenomena. Conventional analytic investigations in this field were concentrated on emitter subsystem behavior for obtaining the parameters of electromagnetic pulse. We propose the research into field(More)
In optical experiments electromagnetic field manifests itself as a quantum-statistical object. Its state should be described with a statistical operator or with correlation functions calculated with it. A rather full description of field is provided with field amplitudes and simultaneous binary functions. Incidentally Glauber functions serve as a tool for(More)
Kinetics of a quantum system immersed in an equilibrium medium and completely described by its statistical operator is investigated. The case of a separable interaction is considered in details. A concept of the effective Hamilton operator of the system is discussed. The kinetic equation for a point particle in a spatially uniform external field placed in a(More)
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