Sergiu I. Vacaru

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An introduction into the theory of locally anisotropic spaces (modelled as vector bundles provided with compatible nonlinear and distinguished linear connections and metric structures and containing as particular cases different types of Kaluza–Klein and/or extensions of Lagrange and Finsler spaces ) is presented. The conditions for consistent propagation(More)
1 We develop the method of anholonomic frames with associated nonlinear connection (in brief, N–connection) structure and show explicitly how geometries with local anisotropy (various type of Finsler–Lagrange–Cartan–Hamilton spaces) can be modelled on the metric–affine spaces. There are formulated the criteria when such generalized Finsler metrics are(More)
We apply a new general method of anholonomic frames with associated nonlinear connection structure to construct new classes of exact solutions of Einstein–Dirac equations in five dimensional (5D) gravity. Such solutions are parametrized by off–diagonal metrics in coordinate (holonomic) bases, or, equivalently, by diagonal metrics given with respect to some(More)
We present an introduction to the geometry of higher order vector and co–vector bundles (including higher order generalizations of the Finsler geometry and Kaluza– Klein gravity) and review the basic results on Clifford and spinor structures on spaces with generic local anisotropy modeled by anholonomic frames with associated nonlinear connection(More)
The horizon and geodesic structure of static configurations generated by anisotropic conformal transforms of the Schwarzschild metric is analyzed. We construct the maximal analytic extension of such off–diagonal vacuum metrics and conclude that for small deformations there are different classes of vacuum solutions of the Einstein equations describing ”black(More)