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  • Gunnar S Eskeland, Tarhan Feyzioglu, Jorge Daude Balmer, Sergio Sanchez, Rodolfo Lasi, Gabriel Vera +2 others
  • 1999
A ban restricting each car from driving on a specified weekday is found to have increased total driving in Mexico City. Because of the ban, cars effectively represent " driving permits, " and some households have bought an additional car and increased their driving. Greater use of old cars, congestion effects, and increased weekend driving may also have(More)
Overproduction of microbial metabolites is related to developmental phases of microorganisms. Inducers, effectors, inhibitors and various signal molecules play a role in different types of overproduction. Biosynthesis of enzymes catalysing metabolic reactions in microbial cells is controlled by well-known positive and negative mechanisms, e.g. induction,(More)
BACKGROUND Cats are frequent carriers of Microsporum canis and veterinary students are at high risk of exposure and acquisition of the organism a la infección. OBJECTIVES An outbreak of zoonotic ringworm carried by a litter of stray cats is described. Four veterinary students, four dogs, and six cats living in five separate locations were affected. All(More)
Glucose kinases (Glks) are enzymes of the glycolytic pathway involved in glucose phosphorylation. These enzymes can use various phosphoryl donors such as ATP, ADP, and polyphosphate. In several streptomycetes, ATP-glucose kinase (ATP-Glk) has been widely studied and regarded as the main glucose phosphorylating enzyme and is likely a regulatory protein in(More)
For a sustainable transport to improve air quality, mitigate climate change and enhance quality of life in cities. For a sustainable transport to improve air quality, mitigate climate change and improve quality of life in cities. Publication for policy makers Findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in this document are based on information(More)
Introducing a control plane in optical networks is indispensable towards deploying new revenue generating services. While ASON/ASTN models constitute the definition of this control plane at the architectural level, the protocols that are intended to support ASON implementations are still under specification. Starting from ATM Forum's PNNI, this paper(More)
Current diagnosis of infection by Mycoplasma pulmonis, an important pathogen of laboratory rodent colonies worldwide, is based on serological, histopathological and culture techniques which can be slow and unreliable. A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay for M. pulmonis diagnosis was compared to current diagnostic methods. This PCR based technique allows(More)
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