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—The use of an inverter with an output LC filter allows for generation of output sinusoidal voltages with low harmonic distortion, suitable for uninterruptible power supply systems. However, the controller design becomes more difficult. This paper presents a new and simple control scheme using predictive control for a two-level converter. The controller(More)
—This paper presents a simple and low computational cost modulation technique for multilevel cascaded H-bridge converters. The technique is based on geometrical considerations considering an unidimensional control region to determine the switching sequence and the corresponding switching times. In addition, a simple strategy to control the dc voltage ratio(More)
—Space-vector modulation is a well-suited technique to be applied to multilevel converters and is an important research focus in the last 25 years. Recently, a single-phase multilevel modulator has been introduced showing its conceptual simplicity and its very low computational cost. In this paper, some of the most conventional multilevel space-vector(More)