Sergio Usón

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Industrial Ecology involves the transformation of industrial processes from linear to closed loop systems: matter and energy flows which were initially considered as wastes become now resources for existing or new processes. In this paper, Thermoeconomics, commonly used for the optimization and diagnosis of energy systems, is proposed as a tool for the(More)
Probiotic bacteria are defined as a supplement that provides well being to the consumer when they are live and active. These microorganisms have gained more attention because of their known health benefits such as gastrointestinal health, enhancement of the immune system and their ability to inhibit pathogenic bacteria. However, there is still disagreement(More)
In this paper, the design of a system providing electricity by coupling photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) collectors and a wind turbine (WT), sanitary hot water (SHW) coming from the PVT and evacuated tube collectors (ETCs) and fresh water (FW) produced in two seawater desalting facilities (membrane distillation, MD, and reverse osmosis, RO), has been carefully(More)
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