Sergio Trasatti

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The main drawback of a conventional stenting procedure is the high risk of restenosis. The idea of a stent that "disappears" after having fulfilled its mission is very intriguing and fascinating, since it can be expected that the stent mass decreases in time to allow the gradual transmission of the mechanical load to the surrounding tissues owing to(More)
Platinized deposits have been formed on TiO2 particulate films supported on Ti substrates, by means of galvanic replacement of pre-deposited metallic Cu and subsequent immersion of the Cu/TiO2 coatings into a chloroplatinic acid solution. The spontaneous replacement of Cu by Pt results in Pt(Cu)/TiO2/Ti electrodes. Both the platinized and the precursor(More)
Carbon monoxide oxidation on bare and Pt-modified ruthenium surfaces with the (101̄0) and (0001) orientations was investigated with cyclic voltammetry, scanning-tunneling microscopy and in situ Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Facile oxidation kinetics of CO on Ru(101̄0) are observed, in contrast with a slow reaction on Ru(0001). Scanning tunneling(More)
In this work, a series of mono-and multilayer coatings were considered. They consisted of CrN and Cr prepared by physical vapor deposition with a cathodic arc. The most common steels for molds of plastics were chosen as substrates: X37CrMoV5-1 (SMV3), X2NiCoMo18-8-5 (MARVAL M1), X105CrCoMo18-2 (N690) and X40CrMo15 (X13T6). The samples were made with surface(More)
The metal-water interaction strength (»hydrophilicity«) plays a major role in deterrnining both the structure of the interfacial region and the energetics of adsorption phenomena. A »hydrophilicity« scale can be established on the basis of a phenomenological approach for a series of sp-metals. It is shown that recent results for sd-metals (Cu, Ag, Au)(More)
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