Sergio Sanhueza

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Transmembrane potentials of pacemaker fibers of the sinus node were recorded to analyze the effect of harmaline (HME) on cardiac automaticity. A short exposure to HME 2.1 X 10(-5) or 8.3 X 10(-5) M produced a long lasting non-cholinergic depression of the automaticity: the slope of diastolic depolarization of the pacemaker fibers was depressed, but the(More)
In a cooperative study, four laboratories evaluated the micronucleus test in irradiated and non-irradiated lymphocytes with respect to time of storage, the difference between X-ray and gamma exposure and inter-observer variance. The results were compared with parallel studies on dicentric aberrations. No significant differences between laboratories, with(More)
Food snacks using powdered residues from the orange juice industry as a source of dietary fiber were formulated. Six formulations utilizing powdered orange residues with three different moisture levels (25%, 15% and 10%) were elaborated. There were used two basic blends. The first one was 33.3% of orange dry powder, 33.3% of honey, 16.6% of roasted peanut,(More)
The mechanism of the transient enhancement of the amplitude of the action potential (AAP) induced by harmaline (HME) was studied in rat atria. The results show that HME increases AAP through an enhancement of the slow component responsible for the last part of the upstroke, which overcomes an inhibitory action on the initial fast component. The stimulatory(More)
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