Sergio Rodríguez-Pérez

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Pseudochaotic properties are systematically investigated in a one-parameter family of irrational triangular billiards (all angles irrational with π). The absolute value of the position correlation function C(x)(t) decays like ~t(-α). Fast (α≈1) and slow (0<α<1) decays are observed, thus indicating that the irrational triangles do not share a unique ergodic(More)
We propose a probabilistic algorithm to solve the multiple sequence alignment problem. The algorithm is a simulated annealing that exploits the representation of the multiple alignment between D sequences as a directed polymer in D dimensions. Within this representation we can easily track the evolution of the alignment through local moves of low(More)
We consider statistics of electronic transport in chaotic cavities where time-reversal symmetry is broken and one of the leads is weakly nonideal; that is, it contains tunnel barriers characterized by tunneling probabilities Γ(i). Using symmetric function expansions and a generalized Selberg integral, we develop a systematic perturbation theory in 1-Γ(i)(More)
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