Sergio Rabellino

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ShareGrid is a peer-to-peer desktop grid aimed at satisfying the computing needs of the small research laboratories located in the Piedmont area in Northern Italy. Share- Grid adopts a cooperative approach, in which each participant allows the other ones to use his/her own resources on a reciprocity basis. ShareGrid is based on the OurGrid middleware, that(More)
Assessment of learning and assessment for learning are at the core of the research on new teaching strategies involving the use of new technologies recently performed by University of Turin. The practice of automated assessment in Mathematics using the grading system Maple T.A. Has been introduced in many undergraduate scientific courses and, after the(More)
Adaptive teaching consists in a teaching style aimed at overcoming inner differences among learners by providing them tailored ways to achieve outcomes according to their learning style, culture and needs. ICTs play an important role in supporting teachers with the adoption of adaptive strategies. Adaptive teaching acquires relevance in contexts of(More)
This paper shows the model developed by the University of Turin to support students that must face the transition from the last year of secondary school to the first year of University. Integrations that are specifically designed for Learning Management Systems help sustain three effective actions conducted in synergy: increase students’ awareness in(More)
The Open Computing Cluster for Advanced data Manipulation (OCCAM) is a multipurpose flexible HPC cluster designed and operated by a collaboration between the University of Torino and the Sezione di Torino of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. It is aimed at providing a flexible, reconfigurable and extendable infrastructure to cater to a wide range(More)
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