Sergio R. Carvalho

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In this paper we describe the theoretical framework and the core strategies of health promotion followed by a critical intra-and extra -paradigmatic analysis of the key ideas of this movement. From an intra-paradigmatic perspective we privilege a critical social theory perspective for analyzing one of the key concepts of health promotion –(More)
Starting with a review of the literature and documents pertaining to health promotion in the developed countries, highlighting the Canadian output, the author reflects on the multiple meanings ascribed to the "empowerment" category/strategy. After a summary of the conceptual development of health promotion ideals, the paper analyzes the theoretical aspects(More)
In this literature review study, we sought to explore the frontiers between the production of healthcare knowledge, qualitative research and cartography. We started with a brief retrospective look at the historical construction of qualitative research in general, followed by presentation of cartographic investigation as a possible method for qualitative(More)
One of the most common client/server architectures in enterprise systems today is the combination of object-oriented applications with active relational database systems. With this combination, developers have to overcome a difficult problem: the impedance mismatch between object orientation and the relational model. To date, there are several incomplete(More)
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