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Smart decision making at the tactical level is important for Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents to perform well in the domain of real-time strategy (RTS) games. This paper presents a Bayesian model that can be used to predict the outcomes of isolated battles, as well as predict what units are needed to defeat a given army. Model parameters are learned from(More)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been widely used in video games to control non-playable characters. More recently , AI has been applied to automated story generation and game-mastering: managing the player's experience in an interactive narrative on-the-fly. Such methods allow the narrative to be generated dynamically, in response to the(More)
Cellular automatons and computer simulation games are widely used as heuristic devices in biology, to explore implications and consequences of specific theories. Conway's Game of Life has been widely used for this purpose. This game was designed to explore the evolution of ecological communities. We apply it to other biological processes, including(More)
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