Sergio Pio Alvarez

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Although human presence is one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean identity since ancient times, a false dialectic between conservation and social-economic development has emerged in recent decades. On the one hand, an economic growth policy is taken as the paradigm of social-economic development; on the other hand, there is a multi-scale(More)
The explosive growth of mailing lists, Web sites and Usenet news has caused information overload. It is no longer feasible to search through all the sources of information available in order to nd those that are of interest to an individual user. Collaborative ltering systems recommend items based upon opinions of people with similar tastes. Collaborative(More)
Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution has been identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “the nation’s largest water quality problem”. Urban development, septic systems, and agricultural operations have been identified as the major sources of diffuse pollution in surface and ground water bodies. In recent decades, urban and agricultural Best(More)
At an estimated 206 million gallons, the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) is the largest marine oil spill in the history of the United States. In this paper we develop a series of random utility models of site choice by saltwater anglers in the Southeast US and estimate monetary compensation for recreational losses due to the DWH oil spill. Heterogeneity in angler(More)
Wood has been presented as a carbon-neutral material capable of significantly contribute to climate change mitigation and has become an appealing option for the building sector. This paper presents the quantification of the organization environmental footprint of a wood parquet company. The multi-regional input-output (MRIO) database EXIOBASE was used with(More)
This study uses travel cost and contingent valuation methods to derive estimates of economic value for recreational use of Los Nevados National Park in the Andean region of Colombia. Park visitors were surveyed regarding their travel costs and willingness-to-pay (WTP) for ecological restoration of areas affected by wildfires in 2006. The travel cost data(More)
Forest managers and policy-makers are being encouraged to incorporate carbon sequestration as a criterion for decision-making. This is a great challenge for small-scale forestry where the conspicuous lack of practical knowledge available for managers prevents the implementation of criteria to promote carbon sequestration. The carbon simulation model CO2FIX(More)
There is general agreement among data quality researchers in that completeness is one of the most important data quality dimensions. In particular, data density can be a crucial factor in data processing and decision making tasks. Most techniques for data quality evaluation regarding density are limited to counting null values. However, density is not only(More)
Environmental information is required in order to make sustainable consumption decisions. Carbon Footprint offers a new scheme for reporting direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. The latest advances in Organization-Product-Based-Life-Cycle Assessment such as the Compound Method based on Financial Accounts provide an opportunity to work with(More)