Sergio Pellegrino

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Ataxia-telangiectasia is a rare multisystem neurodegenerative genetic disorder due to mutation of ATM gene. The clinical expression and the immunological abnormalities are variable and apparently not associated with the type of ATM mutations. We report on two siblings affected by A-T with different clinical and immunological presentations; in particular in(More)
A new set of attributes combining color and SURF-based histograms coupled with a SVM classifier to enhance visual based autonomous aerial navigation is proposed. These new features are used for region classification with aerial images in order to speed up the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) localization performed by image matching using only reference images(More)
Shape and vibration control of a linear exible structure by means of a new type of inertial slip-stick actuator are investigated. A nonlinear model representing the interaction between the structure and a six-degree-of-freedom Stewart platform system containing six actuators is derived, and closed-loop stability and performance of the controlled systems are(More)
  • La Clinica, Le Azioni, Di Federserd, Di B Sciutteri, V Pirro, S Aloi +24 others
  • 2011
Esperienze e progetti in servizi di alcologia italiani • Individuazione di criteri oggettivi più sensibili e specifici per la diagnosi di abuso cronico da alcol, • Il ruolo del trattamento farmacologico con Sodio Oxibato (GHB) nella prevenzione della ricaduta in un gruppo di pazienti Alcolisti, 27 Il Disturbo da Uso di Sostanze in due Ser.T. di Genova:(More)
This paper is concerned with beamlike space frames that include a large number of bistable elements, and exploit the bistability of the elements to obtain structures with multiple stable configurations. By increasing the number of bistable elements, structures with a large number of different configurations can be designed. A particular attraction of this(More)
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