Sergio P Ravagnani

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Diffusion studies of OTC (oxytetracycline) entrapped in microbeads of calcium alginate, calcium alginate coacervated with chitosan (of high, medium and low viscosity) and calcium alginate coacervated with chitosan of low viscosity, covered with PEG [poly(ethylene glycol) of molecular mass 2, 4.6 and 10 kDa, were carried out at 37+/-0.5 degrees C, in pH 7.4(More)
A kinetic model was employed to represent biodiesel production via transesterification of vegetable oils. Reaction rate constants found in the open literature were used in order to compare the behavior of batch and continuous processes. A single continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) under the usual operation conditions was not capable of achieving the same(More)
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