Sergio Nicoletti

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In 2007 all ECB publications feature a motif taken from the €20 banknote. Thomas Westermann for helpful discussions and useful suggestions together with an anonymous referee and participants to the XIV Tor Vergata Conference on Banking and Finance, the XXI European Meeting of the Econometric Society and the ECB Workshop " The role of monetary analysis in(More)
  • Efrem Castelnuovo, Antonello D’Agostino, +13 authors Astrid Van Landschoot
  • 2003
In this paper we estimate simple Taylor rules paying a particular attention to interest rate smoothing. Following English, Nelson, and Sack (2002), we employ a model in first differences to gain some insights on the presence and significance of the degree of partial adjustment as opposed to a serially correlated policy shock. Moreover, we estimate a nested(More)
We report on the advanced optical characterizations of microfabricated solid immersion lenses with 2-µm diameter, operating at λ = 642 nm. The main feature, the spot size reduction, has been investigated by applying a focused Gaussian beam of NA = 0.9. Particular illuminating beams, e.g., Bessel-Gauss beams of the zeroth and the first order, a(More)
For preventing the onset of disorders of the upper extremity, in upholstered furniture workers, it was decided to monitor their handgrip applying a method previously developed to 262 volunteers recruited among upholstered furniture workers. At the test time, only 23 subjects had clinical symptoms referable to upper limb work-related musculoskeletal(More)
The favorable downscaling behavior of photoacoustic spectroscopy has provoked in recent years a growing interest in the miniaturization of photoacoustic sensors. The individual components of the sensor, namely widely tunable quantum cascade lasers, low loss mid infrared (mid-IR) waveguides, and efficient microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphones are(More)
I would like to thank Paolo Angelini and Sergio Nicoletti Altimari for highly useful discussions and assistance. 1. Macroprudential objectives and tools While the objectives of monetary and fiscal policies are clearly defined, and often precisely quantified, the situation is less clear in the case of financial stability. A broad consensus has emerged on the(More)
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