Sergio Mozo Lentijo

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We present a new approach for homogeneous real-time immunodiagnostics (denoted as "PlasMag") that can be directly carried out in sample solutions such as serum, thus promising to circumvent the need of sample preparation. It relies on highly sensitive plasmon-optical detection of the relaxation dynamics of magnetic nanoparticles immersed in the sample(More)
Treatment of 3-(1-hexynyl)perylene with Co2(CO)8 resulted in the formation of the dinuclear cobalt complex [Co2(CO)6(μ-η(2)-C4H9C≡C-Per)] (Per = 3-perylenyl) (1). The perylene derivatives 3-(2,3,5,6-tetrafluorophenyl)perylene (PerC6F4H) and 3-(2,3,5,6-tetrafluorophenyl)-9(10)hexylperylene (C6-PerC6F4H) were prepared and used to synthesize [AuR(CN(t)Bu)] (R(More)
3-Bromoperylene (BrPer) or N-(2,5-di-tert-butylphenyl)-9-bromo-perylene-3,4-dicarboximide (BrPMI) react with [Pt(PEt(3))(4)] to yield trans-[PtR(PEt(3))(2)Br] (R = Per, 1a; R = PMI, 1b). Neutral and cationic perylenyl complexes containing a Pt(PEt(3))X group have been prepared from 1a,b by substitution of the Br ligand by a variety of other ligands (NCS,(More)
The perylene derivatives 3-isocyanoperylene (Per-N≡C) (4a) and N-(2,5-di-tert-butylphenyl)-9-isocyano-perylene-3,4-dicarboximide (PMI-N≡C) (4b) were prepared and used to synthesize gold complexes [AuX(CNR)] (X = C6F5 (5a,b), C6F4-O(n)Bu-p (6b)). The reaction of 5b and 6b with HNEt2 led to the carbene complexes [AuX{C(NEt2)(NHR)}] (7b, 8b), respectively. The(More)
Mononuclear palladium complexes [Pd(C^N)L(2)] (HC^N = 3-C(20)H(11)CH=NC(6)H(4)-p-C(2)H(5)) have been prepared with Pd bound to the peri site or to the ortho site of the perylenyl fragment. These metallations correspond, respectively to six-membered (L(2) = S(2)COMe (3); acac (4); Cl, PMe(3) (5); Cl, PPh(3) (6); S(2)CNEt(2) (7)) or five-membered (L(2) =(More)
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