Sergio Moya

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  • H Mohwald, H Lichtenfeld, S Moya, A Voigt, G B Sukhorukov, S Leporatti +33 others
  • 2004
Flexible electronic circuits have recently gained widespread interest for numerous applications including flexible displays (electronic paper) [1,2] and wearable electronics. [3,4] Despite substantial improvements over rigid devices, current flexible electronics cannot fully conform to their surroundings, due to the inability of metals and conductive(More)
In recent years, the evolution of 3D graphics hardware and software has lead to a growing interest for serious games in three-dimensional virtual environments for learning, training, and rehabilitation. Many of these games are based on a first-person-shooter paradigm in which users navigate through the environment, select, and manipulate virtual objects.(More)
Understanding the relationship between the location of nanoparticles (NPs) in an organic matrix and their catalytic performances is essential for catalyst design. Here we show that catalytic activities of Au, Ag and CuNPs stabilized by dendrimers using coordination to intradendritic triazoles, galvanic replacement or stabilization outside dendrimers(More)
3D Virtual Environments (VE) are becoming popular as a tool for cog-nitive, functional and psychological assessment. Navigation in these environments is recognized as one of the most difficult activities in 3D Virtual Environments (VE). Users unfamiliar to 3D games, specially elder persons, get puzzled when they try to virtually move an avatar through these(More)
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